hi everyone:) im Tyler! im 17 im at college as a trainee hairdresser:) this blog is a bit of everything really bands, youtubers and all the rest. Always here if you need a chat! always happy to talk.kik me at cheenbean and also snapchat me at tylercheen
loveyou guyss!:)


I don’t want to be just another girl that you’ll get tired of after a few months. I want to be the girl who fills your thoughts at 2am when you can’t sleep and the girl who you dream about when you finally go to sleep.

And if I’m not that girl for you, please walk out of my life because I refuse to be forgotten and ignored.

Midnight Thoughts (I want to be your everything)

I hate when people ask me “Why don’t you just text him and find out what’s going on?”

I don’t need him to tell me he doesn’t care anymore. I already know.

Midnight thoughts (i don’t want to hear you say it)